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Kudos on choosing to unleash the power of decoding all about kidneys!

Kidneys are commonly mistaken for obscure organs that have simply nothing else to do other than making you pee. However, starting from helping cleanse your blood of all the toxic wastes of cellular metabolism, maintaining your blood pressure, keeping your brain, nerves & heart working, preventing anemia by producing the hormone necessary to make new red blood cells, generating the active form of Vitamin-D to helping retain correct hormone levels and a lot more, your kidneys are absolute powerhouses!

In short, kidneys maintain each & every component in blood and other body fluids with utmost precision. The fancy word for this complex work profile is “Homeostasis” (home-eeyo-sta-sis). And this is what literally allows other body organs to do what they do.

Therefore, urine is simply a by-product, and not the sole outcome of all the essential hard work that kidneys do to maintain homeostasis!

Quite naturally, when our kidneys fall sick, it’s normal functioning takes a proportionate hit. This disruption of activities shows up as symptoms, which again help your doctors with their diagnosis. Therefore, if you understand your kidney well, you will be able to detect a possible kidney malfunction in good time. That would ultimately enable early diagnosis & treatment to improve the overall clinical outcome. It’s always nice to have that sort of control over your own health, isn’t it?

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So Take Control!

Combat any confusion, apprehension or ignorance about this essential, but underestimated organ of the body in health & disease. Stay informed, stay vigilant & stay well.

Be kidney-smart with All Things Kidney ~ Official, a Nephrologic® presentation!

All Things Kidney Official Latest Article | Team ATK | Dr Sparshita Nag

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