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Kudos on deciding to choose to unleash the power of decoding all about kidneys!

All Things Kidney Official Latest Article | Team ATK | Dr Sparshita Nag

Kidneys are those bean-shaped miracles of nature that are easily mistaken as “bags” that have nothing else to do other than producing urine.

In reality, though, these humble-looking organs are supreme powerhouses! They maintain each & every component in blood and other body fluids with utmost precision and literally allow other body organs to do what they do.

Kidneys help cleanse your blood of all the toxic wastes of cellular metabolism, maintain your blood pressure, keep your brain, nerves & heart working, prevent anaemia by producing the hormone necessary to make new red blood cells, generate the active form of Vitamin-D, helps retain correct hormone levels and what not! The carousel below showcases these functions. Do take a look!


Urine is simply a by-product of all the crucial work that Kidneys do.

Quite naturally, when our kidneys fall sick for whatever reason, it reflects on all activities that they normally do. This disruption of activities shows up as symptoms. This, in turn, helps your doctor guess what could possibly be wrong with your beautiful beans!

So, if you understand your kidney well, you will be in a position to detect a possible kidney malfunction in good time. This will allow you to seek medical attention at the earliest and improve your recovery time as well. Now wouldn’t it be nice to have that sort of control over your own health (kidney health in this case)?

So Take Control!

Combat any confusion, apprehension or ignorance about this essential, but underestimated organ of the body in health & disease. Stay informed, stay vigilant & stay well!

All Things Kidney Official Latest Article | Team ATK | Dr Sparshita Nag

All Things Kidney Official


All Things Kidney Official 


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