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COVID19 Warrior Arsenal: Keeping children motivated

The COVID19 pandemic has generally seen children co-operating with following necessary precautions. However, rampant misinformation circulating online has also had its toll on impressionable minds in the form of harmful anti-mask & anti-immunization (without medical reasons) attitudes. Moreover, stringent posturing, a chastising rhetoric and occasional confused messaging by some frustrated governments w.r.t. COVID19 policies are only proving counter-productive.

Amidst such times, how to keep your children motivated to continue following what’s scientific & logical?

We believe, adopting a relatable age-appropriate approach is a more constructive way to appeal to your child’s psyche than simply enforcing rules without explaining their significance.

So today, we at All Things Kidney – Official attempt to use the secret power of Analogies and Info-graphics in the COVID19 context. We hope these serve as a potential resource for parents to motivate their children to:

  • Understand the significance of each of the prevention strategies as below:
    1. Exposure prevention (staying indoors unless essential for vulnerable cases, avoiding crowds, social distancing)
    2. Self-protection (masks, hygiene measures, immunization)
    3. Blocking transmission (masks, quarantining if exposed, isolating if infected)
  • Realize the importance of combining multiple approaches to keep themselves safe
  • Become responsible, self-reliant COVID19 warriors



With COVID19, we’re “battling” an unseen enemy. So let’s take it form there.

Say our body is a fortress. Our nostrils & mouth would then be its main entry gates. And our immune system is its very own Sentry.

Based on this analogy, we present a series of info-graphs below to explain how the whole COVID19 Warrior Toolkit works. Each step has its own role to play to ensure the strategy works successfully. Combination is the keyword here.



COVID19 | | All Things Kidney Official

COVID19 Protocol 1 | COVID Warrior 1 | All Things Kidney Official | | Sparshita Nag |



Numeral | | All Things Kidney Official

COVID19 Protocol 2 | COVID Warrior 2 | All Things Kidney Official | | Sparshita Nag |



COVID19 | | All Things Kidney Official

COVID19 Protocol 3 | COVID Warrior 3 | All Things Kidney Official | | Sparshita Nag |



COVID19 | | All Things Kidney Official

COVID19 Protocol 4 | COVID Warrior 4 | All Things Kidney Official | | Sparshita Nag |



COVID19 | | All Things Kidney Official

COVID19 Protocol 5 | COVID Warrior 5 | All Things Kidney Official | | Sparshita Nag |



COVID19 | | All Things Kidney Official

COVID19 Protocol 6 | COVID Warrior 6 | All Things Kidney Official | | Sparshita Nag |



Hope these help parents looking for ways to help young minds around them understand how combining COVID protocols, prevention & treatment measures helps. Stay safe.

COVID19 Vaccines vs Evusheld ® vs Mask: What works the best in Immunocompromised?

COVID19 prevention has been a tough nut to crack especially in the Immunocompromised. On one hand, the COVID19 vaccines fell short in patients with moderate to severe weakening of immunity. This included kidney patients with advanced pre-dialysis state, those on dialysis and post-transplant. On the other, in certain kidney patient cohorts who did develop traceable immune response to the vaccines ended up with a flaring of pre-existing underlying autoimmune kidney diseases like IgA Nephropathy.

Then we have Evusheld ® – drug maker AstraZeneca’s new long acting monoclonal antibody combo shot. This antibody drug (generic name: AZD7442) was granted an Emergency Use Authorization by the USFDA on December 8th, 2021. With its “ready-made immune protection”, this long acting antibody (LAAB) drug shows promise in preventing symptomatic COVID19 in immunocompromised patients (just like vaccines do in immunocompetent). However, only time will tell how well it performs on-field. Read more here.

But then, amidst this steady inflow of pharmacological strategies to ward-off COVID19, if something has managed to survive it’s the utility of the humble face mask. Of-course, other COVID safe practices like following strict hygiene protocols and avoiding crowds go hand-in-hand.

So what works the best?

Here’s presenting a comprehensive comparative analysis between COVID19 vaccines, Evusheld ® and “Mask + Hygiene protocols”:

COVID19 Vaccine Evusheld Mask

COVID19 Vaccine Evusheld Mask

COVID19 Vaccine Evusheld Mask

The primary goal of preventive pharmacological tools against COVID19 namely Vaccines and Long Acting (monoclonal) Antibodies like Evusheld ® for Immunocompromised is to ensure self-protection from severe disease and death from the virus.

Just like vaccines, these LAABs may not completely prevent viral transmission.

Also, like vaccines, LAABs will need regular “upgrades”. This is to enable them to be effective against all circulating COVID19 mutant strains of concern, as and when these surface. This is similar to how annual flu shots get an upgrade every year to cover for new flu virus strains.

Therefore, irrespective of whether you:

  1. Have received your vaccine primary dose(s)
  2. Got an extra primary or a booster dose
  3. Received Evusheld ® shot as a volunteer in its clinical trial (PROVENT Trial by AstraZeneca®)
  4. Have been partially vaccinated due to availability issues or waiting for the next dose
  5. Are unvaccinated due to a pre-existing medical condition like IgA Nephropathy that is likely to flare-up post vaccination
  6. Are unvaccinated due to allergy to any of the vaccine ingredient(s)


always stick to wearing a proper face mask covering your nose and mouth in public. This is to effectively block any potential exposure to the virus and diminish viral transmission among your contacts. Goes without saying, a strict hygiene protocol and avoiding crowds (indoors and outdoors) are a must add.

Most importantly, stay vigilant but do not panic. Don’t be lax either.

In a nutshell, always combine an effective self-protection measure as per your immune status with ways to prevent viral transmission.


Unless the above measures are rigorously adopted, complete protection from the COVID19 will remain elusive, especially for the Immunocompromised. And that is something, none of us will want, right?

Countering stay masked up, sensible, logical, vigilant, responsible, aware and above all, safe all of you! 🙂


Our gratitude for your continued interest in All Things Kidney Official.

Evusheld ® : “Readymade” Immune Protection against COVID-19 in Immunocompromised

When vaccines fall short in offering relevant immune protection in the Immunocompromised, what really works? When such suboptimal immune protection wanes a lot faster in comparison to that immunocompetent individuals, is there a better option?

“Ready-made”, sustainable Immune Protection perhaps?

Well that’s exactly what Evusheld ® – drugmaker AstraZeneca’s “New Kid on the Block” in the long-acting monoclonal antibody drug combo can potentially offer.

Evusheld Long Acting Monoclonal Antibodies | Passive Immunization | COVID19 | All Things Kidney Official | Dr Sparshita Nag |

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Poor response to COVID Vaccine in Kidney Patients: Decode the Science-Understand your Options

COVID19 Vaccine Response in immunocompromised CKD Dialysis Post Kidney Transplant patients | All Things Kidney | All Things Kidney Official | | Dr Sparshita Nag | Kidney Disease

COVID19 vaccine inoculations are the best possible protection for most health profiles that science offers against this pandemic menace. However, as we know, COVID vaccines in their initially recommended dose schedules proved less effective in immunocompromised individuals. This was irrespective of whether  poor immunity resulted from a medical condition or due to immuno-suppressive medication. Patients with advanced Chronic Kidney Disease & Kidney Transplant recipients are a prominent subgroup in this population subset of the “Vaccine Helpless”.

So how did poor immunity in kidney patients impact vaccine effectiveness?

◾ Will repeated immune challenge with extra doses as part of primary vaccine series truly help all kidney patients? How tenable is it?

◾ Any better alternatives to garner adequate immune protection for our cohort without going overboard with the “immune challenge” and/or inviting side-effects of major concern?


Read on to decode the relevant science and understand your options for adequate immune protection against COVID-19.

(DISCLAIMER: The article is purely a medically feasible insight on current evidence from peer-reviewed scientific literature on COVID-19 vaccine efficiency, its shortcomings & potential relevant alternative pharmacological solutions w.r.t. patients with chronic kidney disease. The intention is to place the facts as they are with due respect to Science. It is not intended to promote any vaccine hesitancy or support anti-vaxxer views. It does not represent any political positioning either.)

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Kidney Transplant: Hospital Recovery after the Surgery

Imagine this. You’re yet to open your eyes, but you’re conscious. You can hear hushed voices around you, sense a strong ambient smell, get a feeling of being “lifted & wheeled somewhere”. At a point, you feel a sudden pain on one side of your lower abdomen. It’s only a matter of time that you open your eyes nice & wide and if health & luck are on your side, you recognize most of those masked faces, where you are and what you just underwent. Wondering what’s this all about? Well, that’s my own experience of waking-up after my Kidney Transplant Surgery.

Of course things may differ individually, depending on how the new kidney works in a recipient and his/her general health. Despite variable experiences, once you do wake up, you officially enter the Transplant Survivor Club. Congratulations!

So how does the rest of your hospital stay look like?

Post Kidney Transplant Hospital Stay Cover Pic | | All Things Kidney Official | Dr Sparshita Nag

That is what we aim to walk you through, with this article.

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Kidney Transplant Complications

Kidney Transplant saves precious lives. But it also qualifies as a major surgery involving complicated procedures. This holds true for both the donor kidney retrieval surgery and implantation of the donor kidney into the recipient (patient). Quite naturally, both surgeries may entail risks / possible complications during and after the procedures, both in the short & long term. It is these possible risks/complications of Kidney Transplant are what we aim to walk you through, today.

Complications of Kidney Transplant cover pic | All Things Kidney Official |

We will first cover the risk-profile associated with Kidney Donation followed by that for the Kidney Recipient. The article presents the list of complications as per the time points at which they usually appear after the surgery. Read on to get a comprehensive insight on the what-why-how of these complications below.

NOTE: This article only covers complications from the kidney transplant procedure. Adverse effects expected from anti-rejection & other medications that a kidney recipient is put on, will be explained in a separate article.

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Kidney Disease in Transgender Individuals

On Transgender Day of Visibility, we came across a number of relevant articles on the need for better representation of the Transgender community in various spheres of life.

Invariably, our attention turned towards their representation, inclusion & access to healthcare, especially with respect to kidney disease. This basic thought drove us to present you with evidence based insight into the risk & prevalence of kidney disease in the Trans community that can be linked to Gender affirmation treatments.


Kidney Disease in Transgender Individuals | SexReassignment Surgery | Gender affirmation surgery | All Things Kidney Official

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Kidney Transplant: The Operation

Kidney Transplant is the surgical procedure to trans-fer a healthy, matched kidney from a willing donor & im-plant it in a patient with kidney failure to prolong the patient’s life. Till date, this is the best treatment for the majority of patients with kidney failure due to Chronic Kidney Disease.

Kidney Transplant
Source: Nebraska Medicine

Team ATK has always advocated in favour of gaining a thorough understanding of your disease process & treatments.

Keeping in sync with this principle, our article today dissects the kidney transplant surgery for you. We present the topic in two parts as below:

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Kidney Transplant: Before the surgery – II

Transplant Kidney Transplant Hospital Admission till Surgery | | all things kidney ATK

Hello kidney warriors & knowledge seekers! Today, we continue from our previous article on all steps that kidney patients & kidney donors need to follow before getting admitted to the hospital for a Transplant surgery.

The article today explains the basic workflow involved for every kidney patient scheduled for a transplant & their donor starting from hospital admission until they finally get to go under the knife.

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Kidney Transplant: Before the surgery – I

Kidney transplant 

Every patient with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or in other words, Kidney failure needs to go on treatments that would “fill the gaps” in the errant functioning of the unwell kidney or completely replace it with healthy functioning. Dialysis is a way to fill the gaps while a Kidney Transplant is a complete replacement.

In our previous article, we explained the bare basics of a Kidney Transplant.

This article covers an outline of what an average pre-transplant preparation for the patient and the kidney donor may entail.

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