3 Must-have tools for a “Low Sodium” Renal Diet

Low Sodium Kidney Friendly Cooking tools

Restricting your daily intake of Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Protein & Fat in your food is the cornerstone of a Renal Diet Plan. Renal Dietitians are trained to help kidney patients identify which nutrients to restrict or increase in their daily diets, and by how much, based on our individual kidney health status. This means you will need to adjust your food & condiment portions to remain within your daily nutrient allowance. So how do you go about it? Continue reading “3 Must-have tools for a “Low Sodium” Renal Diet”

Renal Diet: What can you really eat?!

Renal Diet

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Being a Kidney Patient is difficult. It is not just the health challenges it poses on a day-to-day basis. It is also the “restrictions” that are suddenly “imposed” on us even with something as basic as “what we EAT”! Admittedly, the Renal Diet appears all the more challenging when it is a festive season!

But, focusing on what we CAN eat with kidney disease in tow, instead of what we CANNOT opens a whole new horizon of food options & possible food combinations which may go unnoticed otherwise.


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Sodium & your Renal Diet


If you are a member of Club CKD or a caregiver of one, just like all of us here at Team ATK, you probably know a thing or two about how the Renal Diet is an essential part of the treatment approach towards Chronic Kidney Disease, whatever be the cause.

Lowering the intake of Sodium is an integral part of this CKD Diet to effectively delay progression to Kidney Failure.

So today we present here, a comprehensive A-Z guide-graphic on Sodium in your CKD Diet.



1. What is Sodium?

2. Why should you reduce its intake if you have CKD?

3. Managing Sodium Intake in Chronic Kidney Disease: The complete guide


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