Protein in Urine: Treatment approaches

Protein in urine

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Our previous articles in the “Proteinuria (Protein in urine) Series” explained The “What, How & Why of Proteinuria” & “Clinical & Lab Workup of Proteinuria

Keeping in sync with the focus of this series, today’s article covers the basic tenets that guide the Treatment of Sustained Proteinuria in kidney disease. Continue reading “Protein in Urine: Treatment approaches”

Protein in Urine: Diagnosis decoded

Our previous article in the “Protein in Urine” series explained, what Proteinuria is, how it may occur & the kidney conditions commonly associated with it.

This article follows-up to inform how your medical team diagnoses Proteinuria in the clinic & relevant treatment approaches that may be undertaken.

Protein in urine diagnosis

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Protein in Urine: What, How & Why




The leakage of Plasma Protein in urine is technically termed as “Proteinuria” (pronounced as pro-teen-you-reah). These proteins are NOT the usual nutrient that you obtain from food. These are a different class of Proteins specially made by your Liver.

Plasma Proteins normally circulate in your bloodstream & help with a range of functions essential to keep you alive. Urine samples with Protein tend to be visibly foamy / frothy akin to the kind that you get after dissolving detergents in water. The extent of foam will certainly vary with the extent of protein leakage. Continue reading “Protein in Urine: What, How & Why”

Healthy Kidneys prevent Blood & Protein in Urine. But how?!

Protein blood barrier

Normally, Urine produced by healthy kidneys is a cocktail of toxic waste products of cellular metabolism, a host of minerals, salts, smelly organic compounds & excess water. (Find the complete normal urine composition here). These components begin to get together to form Urine once healthy kidney micro-filters “strain” our blood through themselves. These micro-filters are uber-selective with what they “let-out” into the urine. This is such that, all blood cells & “plasma” proteins remain in the bloodstream while the wastes & excesses purge themselves out.

But what makes these Kidney Micro-filters that selective against leakage of blood cells & protein in urine?


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