TIP #4 – Managing Kidney Kitchens with Batch Storage to save time!

Kidney kitchen

This is a purely optional tip for members looking to balance time constraints & a kidney-friendly lifestyle.

Are you a kidney patient or the primary caregiver of one and also hold a job? Then you are probably stressing over how to apply all the “advice” that comes rolling in for managing a kidney kitchen and kidney-friendly lifestyle. Where’s the time beyond managing to gulp the prescribed medicines, after all? But then, home cooking is always preferable for all Kidney Patients over eating ready-made food. So, what do you do?

Manage the time on your weekends and prepare for the week ahead. You read that right.

If you notice, preparing for a dish is often the more time-consuming, mundane part (unless you’re baking!) than actually cooking it. So, Team ATK recommends two things:

Kidney friendly Kitchen ATK Make a list of what you CAN eat in an apparently restrictive renal diet.

Kidney friendly Kitchen ATKDraw up a weekly menu plan for yourself. Saves time in the kitchen!

Kidney friendly Kitchen ATKFind an hour or two on a weekend. Just peel/shell/cut/chop/slice or dice the vegetables, fruits or meat/fish/egg in quantities adequate for your requirements. Store them separately as per your custom menu according to days of the week.

For this, you will do well to invest in a separate set of Sealed/air-tight storage containers for yourself, enough to store/refrigerate/freeze your meal preps for the week and use as per need.


1. Sealed / Air-tight Containers for storing meal preps

Storing food-preps segregated & arranged for days of the week literally cuts the cooking time by half. This allows you to comfortably prepare a fresh meal for yourself at home. Moreover, you are also able to rustle-up something to carry for lunch at work despite the time constraints.

TIP: Tortilla wraps/rolls & sandwiches filled with veggies, lean meat or boiled, scrambled eggs and soft cheese make for filling, nutritious & time-saving options for the lunch box!

If you wish to carry food prepared at home to work, the marketplace offers several options. Add a stainless steel tiffin carrier to your Kidney Kitchen inventory. They are a boon! Try not to go for Ziplock pouches. While they are versatile and relatively harmless in good health, pouches made of plastic or silicone are likely to leach-out chemicals into the food content over time, especially if you microwave or re-heat your food while still wrapped in such pouches.


2. Kidney-friendly “carrying options” for a packed lunch



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