Kidney Transplant: The Operation

Kidney Transplant is the surgical procedure to trans-fer a healthy, matched kidney from a willing donor & im-plant it in a patient with kidney failure to prolong the patient’s life. Till date, this is the best treatment for the majority of patients with kidney failure due to Chronic Kidney Disease.

Kidney Transplant
Source: Nebraska Medicine

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Keeping in sync with this principle, our article today dissects the kidney transplant surgery for you. We present the topic in two parts as below:



The first tab below takes you to our explanation of the “tubes & spaces” in our bodies that matter when it comes to a Kidney Transplant. This will help to understand the surgical procedure better, as below:

Kidney Transplant Anatomy


1. What parts make a donor kidney implantable?

For a donor kidney to work in a recipient’s body, simply severing out a kidney alone isn’t enough. The surgeon needs to secure…. read more –>

2. What needs to be clamped & cut to harvest an implantable Donor Kidney with all necessary tubes?

Like all other organs, mother nature secures our native kidneys in place by means of…. read more –>

3. Where do surgeons attach the Donor Kidney in the patient’s belly?

During a kidney transplant, Transplant surgeons connect the donor kidney at…. read more –>




Following links to anatomical concepts relevant to kidney transplants, the second tab below links to our article elucidating the kidney transplant surgeries (both for the donor & the patient):


1. Surgical Team

Like every surgery, Kidney Transplant is a team effort of multiple health professionals… Read more –>

2. Anaesthesia medication

Like every that we eat, drink, smell or receive an injection of, Anaesthesia medication circulates through our Kidneys…. Read more –>

3. Harvesting the kidney: Donor Surgery

Here, we share a video demonstration of a kidney donor surgery by Johns Hopkins Surgery…. Watch here –>

4. Pre-implant processing of the Donor kidney

Once the Donor Kidney is safely removed with all necessary tubes, it needs suitable processing to keep it viable…. Read more –>

5. Implanting the kidney: Recipient Surgery

Here, we share video demonstrations of kidney recipient surgery…. Watch here –>



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