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Estimated GFR (eGFR) is an indispensable tool for day-to-day clinical nephrology that helps your medical team track the “blood-cleansing” segment of your kidney function.

eGFR Right Kidneys  eGFR helps your medical team get an overview of how efficiently your blood is being freed of toxic metabolic wastes such as Urea and Creatinine.

eGFR Right Kidneys  eGFR Calculation can allow your medical team to :

eGFR Bullet Monitor the waste-removal function of the native kidney(s), in case of pre-dialysis CKD patients.

eGFR Bullet Track the combined effort of the unwell kidney(s) & dialysis towards cleansing the blood, for CKD patients on dialysis.

eGFR Bullet Record the function of the transplanted graft kidney, in case of kidney transplant recipients.

eGFR Right Kidneys  This number is calculated with mathematical formulae based on your Serum Creatinine levels, Age, Gender, Ethnicity and Body surface area. This is to adjust for variations in the production of metabolic-waste brought about variations in each of these factors in populations worldwide.


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Find below, separate Estimated GFR (eGFR) Calculators for adult and paediatric CKD patients and monitor your own kidney function yourself. These are based on the formulae recommended for the respective segments based on clinical accuracy.


1. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

2. Please check the “units” of the values that you put in respective fields. For instance,

eGFR TickAlways enter the Serum Creatinine level in “milligrams per decilitre” or “mg/dL” value. If your blood-work reports Creatinine levels in “micromoles per litre” or “Umol/L”, please convert your creatinine level to mg/dL. To do so, multiply your Umol/L creatinine level with 0.0113.

eGFR TickSimilarly, in the pediatric eGFR calculator, always enter the Height of the child in “Centimetres (cm)”. Conversion factors are as below:

1 foot = 33 centimetres
1 inch = 2.54 centimetres
1 metre = 100 centimetres

So for a child who is say, 4 feet 3 inches tall, enter the height as [4 feet X 33] + [3 inches X 2.54] = 139.62 centimetres





Reference Range:



1. End-Stage Renal Failure (ESRD) does not automatically mean your kidneys have stopped functioning altogether. ESRD represents the stage where medicines alone cannot help unwell kidneys with the cleaning of blood wastes adequately. Renal replacement therapies namely Dialysis and/or Kidney Transplant become mandatory for the purpose.

2. A GFR below 5ml/min means your native kidneys have stopped functioning completely. This medical name for this condition is Renal Shutdown. It is an emergency situation where the patient needs to be stabilized & started on dialysis on an urgent basis to reverse the situation & ensure survival.