Anemia in CKD: Treatment

Anemia is an inevitable complication during your Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Journey and there is no avoiding it. However, intensive medical research on this subject has enabled doctors to prescribe effective treatments to improve your blood counts.

In the course of this Anemia-in-CKD Series, we have already provided a comprehensive insight on:


1. Hemoglobin & its relation to Anemia

2. The reasons for Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

3. The Clinical Protocol that your Doctor needs to follow to “diagnose” Anemia

4. A guide to analyzing your Blood Test Report to see if you are Anemic or not


Today’s article will throw light on the multi-pronged Treatment Approaches used by your doctor to try & keep your Anemia at bay. Continue reading “Anemia in CKD: Treatment”

Anemia in CKD: Diagnosis

In our previous article, we talked at length about what Anemia exactly is, and the reasons for why it inevitably appears in all patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. The next article under “The Anemia Series” elucidates on the specific Clinical Protocol that we Doctors are taught to follow to be able to diagnose Anemia in CKD.

Your Doctor will need to complete a three-step analysis before making a conclusive point on whether you have Anemia or not. These are: Continue reading “Anemia in CKD: Diagnosis”

Anaemia & Kidney Failure

Anaemia is a well-known medical term generally associated with “less blood” in the body. It is also, an inevitable complication in the course of every Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Kidney Failure journey.

But do you really understand what Anaemia is? Why does that occur in CKD in the first place? And is there a way you could report to your doctor about it on time? Sure there is. Learn all this, and more, below.

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Blood in Urine: How to pinpoint the site of bleeding?

Haematuria (blood in urine) is a common reason for “Red Urine” in patients with Kidney and Urinary tract diseases.

If you consult your doctor for reddish discoloration of your urine, your doctor will first:

Clinical workup hematuria

Based on the clinical examination, you will be advised necessary laboratory-based tests to confirm the presence of blood in your urine.

These tests would also allow your doctor to get an approximate idea of where the blood could have been coming from, into your urine.

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11 Myths around Kidney Disease Debunked!

Kidneys are essential for your survival. And Kidney Disease is a major cause of sickness & death worldwide.  But if diagnosed early on, and necessary treatment procedures are initiated on time, some of these conditions could be reversed to normalcy, while for others, the progression of the condition to frank kidney failure can be effectively delayed. However, early diagnosis & treatment are not always implemented in reality. And some existing Myths around Kidney Disease have a significant role in hampering this process.

It is imperative, that you pro-actively educate yourself on this front to combat any ignorance, apprehension or confusion on this topic and choose a better quality of life for yourself, today and tomorrow!

So, here’s busting the commonest Myths around Kidney Disease with established facts. Read on to empower yourself!


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