Sodium & your Renal Diet


If you are a member of Club CKD or a caregiver of one, just like all of us here at Team ATK, you probably know a thing or two about how the Renal Diet is an essential part of the treatment approach towards Chronic Kidney Disease, whatever be the cause.

Lowering the intake of Sodium is an integral part of this CKD Diet to effectively delay progression to Kidney Failure.

So today we present here, a comprehensive A-Z guide-graphic on Sodium in your CKD Diet.



1. What is Sodium?

2. Why should you reduce its intake if you have CKD?

3. Managing Sodium Intake in Chronic Kidney Disease: The complete guide


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11 Myths around Kidney Disease Debunked!

Kidneys are essential for your survival. And Kidney Disease is a major cause of sickness & death worldwide.  But if diagnosed early on, and necessary treatment procedures are initiated on time, some of these conditions could be reversed to normalcy, while for others, the progression of the condition to frank kidney failure can be effectively delayed. However, early diagnosis & treatment are not always implemented in reality. And some existing Myths around Kidney Disease have a significant role in hampering this process.

It is imperative, that you pro-actively educate yourself on this front to combat any ignorance, apprehension or confusion on this topic and choose a better quality of life for yourself, today and tomorrow!

So, here’s busting the commonest Myths around Kidney Disease with established facts. Read on to empower yourself!


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