Vaccine Basics for Kidney Patients

Amidst all the enthusiastic talk of developing a Vaccine to fight-off COVID19 (the new coronavirus) and the World Immunization Week (24th-30th Aprilsilently passing by, we at Team ATK felt it’s appropriate to help you gain a basic insight on Vaccines and their utility & limitations in kidney patients.

After all, vaccines form a crucial part of medically preparing all patients of Chronic Kidney Disease for a transplant surgery. Add to that, the fact that SOME vaccines are UNSAFE for transplant recipients, and this topic becomes all the more significant.

So, let’s begin then, shall we?


Vaccine Basics for Kidney Patients

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Ensuring Hygiene in a Kidney-friendly Kitchen

Hygiene in a Kidney Kitchen


Hygiene is an important consideration for everything that enters your body, whether you eat it, drink it, breathe it or inject it. This is more so if a major, essential organ of the body like your kidneys are unwell. That’s because, in normal health, kidneys efficiently eliminate ALL excess metabolic wastes and impurities in blood via urine. But Chronic Kidney Disease progressively diminishes this blood-cleansing ability of kidneys as well as blunts our body’s immune defences with time.

💡 So what are the best practices to keep your kidney kitchen hygienic?

💡 Which are the must-have equipment/utility items that you should consider stocking-up your kitchen with, to turn it into a “Kidney-Fortress”?  


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