Urinalysis: Decoding the Report

Urinalysis Report

Every time you deposit your Urine sample at the hospital lab, you need to wait for (usually) a few hours before collecting the Urinalysis Report.

Wondering what is it that takes the lab people that long or what they might be looking at, before commenting on your health status in their Report? It’s just Urine after all, right?!

Urinalysis Report

Well, members who’ve been through our previous post on what constitutes Human Urine would know what a complex, concentrated, ionized solution Urine is. That explains why your Urinalysis Report is a full page long, “intimidating” print-out. A tiny slip simply stating, “all good” or “problem detected!” would not be enough!

How about decoding the absolute basics of a Urine Test Report for you then? If you stay aware of what’s normal, you will find yourself capable of detecting an abnormality in the report yourself. This will, in turn, help you prepare relevant questions for your doctor. In addition, it will allow you to make the best use of your “timed” medical appointments.

Here’s presenting a beginner’s guide to the routine parameters assessed before preparing a Report on your Urine Sample.

The most commonly advised Urine test is called a Urine Routine Examination (URE). It comprises of looking into various parameters that can be broadly grouped into the categories as given below in the form of interactive tabs.


Click / Tap on each of the tabs to read about the respective category.

Physico-Chemical Chemical


The segments above will allow you to gain an insight into what a routine Urinalysis exactly looks at.

Watch this space for the next post in The Urine Series


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Urinalysis Report - Learn to decode one!
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Urinalysis Report - Learn to decode one!
Urinalysis Report: What is it that labs analyze in your Urine Sample, before commenting on your health status in their reports? Learn here.
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